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Rocket City HEMA is closed due to the ongoing pandemic. We will reopen as soon as we are able.

HEMA sounds awesome! How do I join?

We’re excited to have you! The best way to get started is to attend our bi-monthly beginner’s course. This two-day class is designed to teach you the basic body mechanics used in every sword-based system we train. Afterwards, you’ll be well prepared to join any of our regular classes.

Can’t wait that long? If you’re willing to jump in head-first, all of our regular classes are very beginner-friendly. You’re welcome to drop in on any class session, and we will do everything we can to make it a great experience. Attending a class carries no commitment - you can drop in on any day of any class, then drop out at any time. Just give us a heads up first by registering so that we know to expect you.

Note: the beginner's course provides an introduction to our sword-based classes. If you are interested in ringen or armor, you may be better served by skipping the beginner's course and jumping straight into one of those classes.

If you’d prefer to spectate before deciding if HEMA is your thing, you can also show up to one of our free sparring hours. You’ll get the chance to watch some of our members fighting in earnest and practicing techniques, and you can talk to our instructors to ask any questions you may have face-to-face. Check the schedule for the times of our free hours.

If you plan on attending a class, please fill out our registration form. If you have any questions, email us at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. We also maintain an active presence on Facebook, where you can see photos of what we’ve been working on recently and find info about any potential schedule changes or cancelations.


Where are you located?

We have our own training space at 3054 Leeman Ferry Rd SW, Unit K. Check out the map below for directions!

Frequently Asked Questions

I've never done any martial arts before. Is HEMA a good one to start with?

How much do classes cost?
Each day of each class costs $12. For example, if you come out on Saturday to attend both longsword and messer, you would be charged $24 for the day. Alternatively, you can prepay for one month of a single class for $40. Payment for a lesson is usually accpeted in cash before or after class. The beginner's course is a special case; it runs for two days and costs $20, due on the first day of the course.

What should I wear to class?
Wear comfortable athletic clothes and a pair of indoor shoes. If you have any sports or mechanics gloves, bring those too. Light and tight-fitting gloves like baseball gloves are ideal. Men are also strongly encouraged to wear an athletic cup to every class.

Am I going to get hurt?
No. Our training emphasizes control of our weapons and body mechanics above all else. Only after months of practice and with proper protective gear do students engage in full-speed sparring. During class, you will wear a fencing mask (provided by the school), padded gloves, and forearm guards when needed. You will spend most of your time working through low-speed technique drills against another person while wearing this gear. You will occasionally still get jabbed with nylon swords or rubber-tipped steel weapons, and this can cause bruises, but these are the worst injuries you can expect from attending our classes.

What sort of gear should I buy?
Please do not buy any HEMA gear before you’ve tried some of ours! Our members can provide valuable advice on various products and companies, and are more than happy to let you test out a sword or try on a gambeson before spending money on one. This can save you a lot of time, money, and guesswork. Our school will also occasionally organize group orders to save on shipping or take advantage of bulk rate discounts.

HEMA is tons of fun and a great exercise with an awesome group of people.
What are you waiting for? Come check us out!

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